PMC Argon 'Gas Saver' Secondary Regulator - 250ANF3050G

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As the 250 series regulators are specifically designed to reduce turblance and surging, our 'Gas Saver' range could reduce your shielding gas needs by as much as 70% while also giving you better weld quality.

Our unique spherical valve system combines all the advantages of a tapered system without any of it's disadvantages; it requires little force to initiate movement, provides excellent low-pressure characteristics, and doesn't miss a beat on top-range flow deliveries.

Made in Australia.

Product Features

  • Unique spherical valve system
  • A reinforced Nitrile diaphragm
  • Knurled Alumium Controller
  • Dual scale lpm & CFH flowmeter
  • 40 micron sintered filters in inlet port
  • Regulator Mounting Kit Included (GAK-11)
  • Rear and Side Entry available.
  • Maxiumum 1MPA (145PSI) Inlet Pressure
  • 5/8" UNF fittings as per AS4267

Applications & Industries

  • Manufacturing & Fabrication
  • Mining and Construction
  • Purging & Flushing
  • Food & Beverage
  • Plumbing & Pipelines
  • HVAC & Air Conditioning
  • Pharmacuticals & Chemical Processing
  • Motorsport and Aviation