PMC Argon 'Gas Saver' Multistage Regulator (with Flowmeter) - 350ANSHF3050G

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The 350 series multistage regulator is designed to not just meet existing industry demands, but also cater to future requirements. This series of gas regulator has set new trends in safety and reliability, providing operators fine precise control ideally suited for flow and low-pressure applications, while still being able to deliver large volumes of gas at high pressures for heavy heating and cutting operations.

This compact and industrious unit also uses PMC's unique spherical valve system, combining all the advantages of a tapered system without any of it's disadvantages; it requires little force to initiate movement, elimiates surging, provides excellent low-pressure characteristics, and doesn't miss a beat on top-range flow deliveries.

We've also included our removable gas-extraction spigot (As seen in image) to ensure you get as much from your cylinder as you can. As a result, our multistage 'Gas Saver' regulator could reduce your shielding gas needs by as much as 70% while also giving you better weld quality. Avoid cold starts, reduce turbulance, and avoid arc instability.

Made in Australia.

Product Features

  • Type 10 cylinder connector
  • Removable gas extraction spigot
  • Unique spherical valve system
  • Convoluted stainless steel, and reinforced nitrile rubber diaphragms
  • Knurled Alumium Controller
  • Dual scale 30 lpm & 50 CFH flowmeter
  • 40 micron sintered filters in HP/inlet ports
  • 4000 PSI Cylinder Pressure Gauge
  • Side and Bottom Entry available.

Applications & Industries

  • Manufacturing & Fabrication
  • Mining and Construction
  • Purging & Flushing
  • Food & Beverage
  • Plumbing & Pipelines
  • HVAC & Air Conditioning
  • Pharmacuticals & Chemical Processing
  • Motorsport and Aviation